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Woodenergy - warm home, cool planet

  Last updated: 14 - 02 - 2014 is dedicated to bringing you information on using wood biomass as a carbon neutral, renewable energy source. Information is given on wood fuel quality and all aspects of the wood fuel supply chain, such as harvesting, storage, transportation, handling,  as well as aspects of health and safety for fuels origination from the forest or from short rotation coppice. For information on boilers and suppliers of wood fuel, please visit the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland website (for fuels go to SEAI register of wood fuel suppliers). also offers a free advisory service, administered by Pieter D. Kofman, where you can get answers to your questions about wood energy regarding harvesting, storage, transportation, handling and quality of wood fuels such as firewood, wood chips, wood pellets and wood briquettes as well as health and safety aspects. Use the online form in the "Advisory service" section of this site. You can phone Pieter Kofman at +45 75 88 15 19 at home or +45 28 55 77 58 on his mobile or you can call using Skype (Skype: familie_kofman) which is free-of-charge from computer to computer. One can also send an SMS to his mobile +4528557758 and leave a name and number to be called back on The wood energy advisory service is temporarily suspended until after the 18th of October 2014. aims to be user friendly and all feedback is welcome. The site is owned and managed by COFORD, the National Council for Forest Research and Development, part of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Draft Bioenergy Plan Issued

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NEW! Recommendations for storage of wood pellets, Irish edition. Download PDF (pdf 2,176Kb) 

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